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MRI Inclined Plate Settlers cover

Meurer Research, Inc. Announces New Custom-Fitted Plate Covers

09.21.2016    /    Press release

Operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities now can eliminate plate-cleaning maintenance and reduce operating costs with optional MRI Plate Covers for plate settlers and troughs.

First installed in summer 2015, MRI Plate Covers are designed and manufactured by Meurer Research, Inc., the leading manufacturer of inclined plate settlers for water and wastewater treatment equipment and holder of more than 50 patents.

The custom-fitted, floating, stainless steel covers guard against algae growth, ice formation and contamination from waterfowl and debris in both water and wastewater treatment applications. In wastewater treatment, MRI Plate Covers also provide effective odor control.

The elegantly simple, easy to install, floating design automatically adjusts to changes in flow.

With the elimination of these naturally occurring issues, MRI Plate Covers save money and reduce operating costs.

“Our customers needed a solution for the ongoing environmental factors that cause plate-cleaning maintenance and contamination. Our stainless steel plate cover design is the perfect solution since the covers float on water, automatically adjusting to flow variation,” said Joe Brauch, vice president of marketing for Meurer Research, Inc.

MRI Plate Covers are a cost-effective solution for new or retrofit installations of any size.

Due to strong demand for MRI’s Inclined Plate Settlers and Hoseless Cable-VacTM Sludge Collectors, the company recently expanded its manufacturing capabilities, adding the latest equipment and technology for manufacturing stainless steel products.

Please visit Meurer Research, Inc. at WEFTEC 2016, Booth 1057.