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Solids Removal

Developed in 2002, the MRI Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collector removes settled solids throughout the basin, even from the final 2′ at the end wall typically left uncollected by other sludge collectors. With hundreds of sludge collectors in operation, the hoseless technology has proven to be the most reliable suction sludge collector available. Designed for use with plate settlers, tube settlers and open basins, the MRI system is preferred by all major engineering firms. MRI has been manufacturing sludge collectors since 1980.

Performance Advantages

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MRI Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collector’s proven design:

  • Increases solids removal and overcomes problems found with other sludge collectors
  • Eliminates the problematic flexible sludge hose, including sludge hose hang-ups and priming
  • Eliminates the guide rail and and enables quick, simple installation
  • Removes sludge wall-to-wall, utilizing scrapers attached to header pipes to eliminate sludge settled in the final 2’ of the basin wall
  • Ensures even flow distribution in any length basin with the patented Flow Control device located inside the body of the Hoseless Cable-Vac™
  • Provides 230 VAC drives, the strongest available on any suction sludge collector
  • Offers custom-built controls designed to meet specific treatment plant needs
  • Includes patented orifice blocks which remove settled solids at higher percent solids than the traditional hole in the bottom of a pipe
  • NSF 61 listed and certified

MRI's Exclusive Tandem Collectors

In conventional sludge collectors, the incoming flow enters at the bottom and continues upward, perpendicular to the internal flow, which is moving laterally toward the center outlet. This causes the two flows to collide at the orifices, decreasing sludge removal.

With MRI’s tandem collection design, the incoming flow enters tangentially to the bottom of each sludge collector, causing the internal flow to travel in a spiral toward the center outlet. This creates a uniform, organized flow pattern that increases sludge removal and prevents clogging.

Key Features Only from MRI's Hoseless Cable-Vac™ Sludge Collector

Designed to operate underneath plate settlers and tube settlers, the hoseless system works equally well in open basins.

Patented end scrapers clean completely to the end walls, eliminating the solids build-up found with other sludge collectors.

Patented Flow Balancing Ring ensures equal flow from each header pipe for units greater than 300′ long. The flow is then discharged at the end of the basin or run.

Patented orifice blocks provide higher percent solids removal than other suction systems, which results in less wasted water and produces more finished water.

Innovative Tandem Collectors Maximize Efficiency

The patented orifice blocks remove settled solids from in front of the header pipes as the unit moves forward. This eliminates the load of the header pipes pushing through the settled solids. As a result, the hoseless units remove the settled solids on the outbound trip and idle back, with no suction, on the return trip. The higher percent solids removal means less water is wasted and results in more finished water. Since the orifices are tapered and oblong in shape, plugging is prevented.


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Features & Benefits

Improved function

No suction hoses
eliminates floating hose hangups, air locks and priming issues; decreases maintenance; and increases basin up time

Water drop

Low speed, high torque
decreases part wear and increases life cycle

Improved function

One direction operation
dramatically reduces water waste, while end scrapers ensure build up is reduced at uncovered areas

Improved function

Patented flow balancing ring
ensures equal flow between lead and lag headers

Improved function

Tangential flow orifice
(patented) creates conditions for maximum solids concentration removal

Water drop with leaves

Shared Reel Cable Drive
(patented) reduces fleet angle of drive cables to the pulley, increasing drive cable and pulley life